Stylish PLASTIC Windows with Green Heart

Passive houses are a No. 1 priority these days. Therefore, architects put increasing emphasis to the windows to meet the requirements
for exclusive design being hand in hand with reducing the costs of living.



Passive Buildings

Due to its characteristics and structure, the Eforte system is an ideal solution for a passive, low-energy as well as standard family house.

Exclusive Design

Simple, yet stylish design with great possibilities of colours gives you a huge number of possibilities to put the finishing touch to the exterior of your house.

Comfort at Home

High-quality fittings with safety glass will provide your safety while acoustic insulation characteristics of the glass will provide 100% comfort.

Eforte Characteristics

Thermal Insulation

Each Eforte window is constructed to meet the highest possible thermal insulation requirements. High-quality system and large selection of insulating glass will turn your home into a cosy place on a cold day and save you money on energy bills. Eforte is the best choice for passive as well as standard family homes.

Heat transfer through window (Ug = 0,6 TGI)


Chamber profile system

Heat transfer through window. Not through the profile only.

When evaluating the window thermal and insulation characteristics, the value of heat transfer through window (Uw) is a decisive characteristics. Combining thermal and insulation characteristics of a profile system (Uf) and isolating glass (Ug) of which characteristics have a great impact to thermal insulation.

Gasket Effect

In the area near the half between the frame and casement, there is a gasket serving to provide the highest possible protection against in-leaks, even in adverse wind conditions. Windows with the central gasket are able to provide good acoustic insulation and have better thermal and insulation characteristics.

Glazing Rebate Height
and Misting Up

The edge spacer bar is a very vulnerable area of isolating glass. Its composition and depth within the profile may create a thermal bridge causing misting up around the glass perimeter. Height of glazing rebate provides the optimum temperature around the glass bead. For the Eforte system, the glazing rebate height is 25 mm.

Insulating Glass 

The glass makes up the greatest portion of the window, therefore it has the highest impact to the thermal insulation of the whole element. Currently, apart from the glass thermal and insulation characteristics, the permeability of light is yet another important parameter. Therefore, it is important to seek a professional advice and choose the the most suitable glass for your comfort.

Comfort and Safety

The comfort and safety of your window control is assured by Maco MultiMatic fittings. To increase the window safety, the basic set includes one locking mechanism. In case you would like to increase the safety, it is possible to supplement other locking mechanisms upon the required safety level and window dimensions. Moreover, it is possible to supplement safety glass by laminating into the casement, which is one of conditions for production of RC2 safety class windows.

Locking mechanism fitted as standard



Maco-Multi Matic

Standard equipment includes micro-ventilation and mishandling device preventing from displacing of the casement from hinges. Intelligent locking mechanisms all over the window perimeter provide perfect tightness as well as high security and comfortable handling. 

Safety Class

Are you concerned about your safety? Protect yourself by RC2 safety class windows. The windows are equipped with embedded safety glass, locking mechanisms along the whole window perimeter and lockable Tresor door handle. The assembly procedure is different, too.

Safety Glass and Acoustic Insulation Glass

Insulating glass can influence safety and comfort to a great extent. Therefore, we offer safety glass resistant against break-in or various types of glass with acoustic insulation suitable for locations near airports, highways, etc.


The Inoutic profile system design is simple, modern but the most important thing is that all profile series have the same shape of frame and casement. That gives the possibility to combine the products without any visible differences. The large selection of 40 different lamination foil designs gives you a large variety of designing possibilities for a modern as well as classic-looking house.

For customers looking for even more exclusive design, we have several tweaks available, such as unique Titanium grey core, AluClip aluminium sheet or Macro MultiPower hidden hinges. Joints on all coloured windows are deburred by a vCut technology, being the most beautiful design currently available at the market offered by the available technologies.

Titanium Plus Core

To please architects and demanding customers, all grey decorations are now available with the innovative Titanium Plus core, bringing the perfection of windows with surface treatment by exclusive decorations to a completely new level.

AluClip Aluminium Cladding

AluClip aluminium cladding brings aluminium window design and great characteristics of plastic window together. When choosing the surface finish, you can choose from a number of RAL colours.

Stylish Hidden Fitting

Design-perfect Maco MultiPower hidden fitting is the maximum available level of advanced window design. This modern solution provides a neat and elegant design with hinges invisible from the interior.

Lamination colours

Alux DB

Anthrazitgrau Glatt

Grau Sandstruktur

Basaltgrau Glatt


Cherry Blossom

Soft Cherry

Cherry Amaretto


Shogun AF/Nevada

Rustic Cherry

Irish Oak



Black Cherry













Winchester XA

Streifen Douglasie


Golden Oak



Eiche Dunkel

Weiss Aluminium

Graphit Schwarz

Grau Aluminium

Thorium Grau


Construction Dimensions

Modern architecture puts ever increasing demands to maximum dimensions of glassed area, the innovative Eforte structure enables meeting such demands. Due to structural depth of 84mm, the system is very stable even in case of using a heavy triple glazing insulating glass. Moreover, with static support provided by glass made by laminating, we are able to make windows with even greater dimensions compared to windows with standard glass, giving you more sunshine and comfort in your home.

Structural depth

Frame face height

Casement face height


Each window structure is unique, therefore, it is necessary to consult all issues and solutions with our professional dealers and engineers. Statics of windows with very atypical dimensions may be critical due to insulation glass weight and hinge weight capacity.

Face Dimensions

The Eforte profile system enables various profile face widths, depending on a type of window used. Standard frame - 70mm, terrace frame - 85mm, standard sash - 59mm, terrace casement - 85mm, mullion - 74, 95 and 122mm (according to intended use) and without mullion – 54 mm a 72mm.

Maximum Dimensions

Due to the glass laminating technology and use of the terrace profile, it is possible to make windows and Eforte balcony doors with height up to 2.6m, maximum leaf height up to 2.5m with a condition of maximum sash width up to 1.1m. Therefore, your can enjoy a large glassed area with a view bringing the nature closer to you.