We are ahead of the game
thanks to modernization of production

The production of plastic and aluminium windows and doors takes place on the most modern machinery from Elumatec, Stürtz and Berchtold. It is controlled by the latest version of the online software program Klaes 7.5.

Thanks to these factors, our company is able to produce 500 window units in one shift. These production capacities made it possible to increase the total production to 150,000 window units per year.


The KLAES system is a key element in production
management. From product design to production itself, the KLAES system controls all processes. Thanks to it, we can flexibly respond to all customer requirements with the highest possible production efficiency.


We are constantly increasing our production capacity by gradually implementing automation units into the entire production process. Modern welding and forging machines supported by conveyors bring reliability and accuracy.


The fleet of fork-lift and electric trucks takes care of transport of material for production as well as loading of finished products on trucks for delivery to you.


Accuracy of profile system cutting is the basic prerequisite for a high-quality product, therefore in 2014 we invested into a modern Schirmer cutting centres.


Automated reinforcement bolting and milling of mounting openings is provided by four Elumatec SBZ 608 and SBZ 609 machining centres.


To increase the production speed, we have five Urban and Sturz welding machines including deburring. Thanks to the latest welder by Graf-Synergy, we can create V-PERFECT welds.


Production of unique lifting and sliding terrace doors requires a unique working table. It enables tilting to a required position for comfort assembly.


Non-standard products - terrace doors, inclines, arches, etc. - require a non-standard approach. We have a division dedicated to such non-standard products.


Lamination according to customer requirements is provided by a modern lamination line Duesphol, which allows us to shorten delivery times for laminated window and door profiles.


Technology hidden behind a perfect weld

Graf-Synergy SL4-FF EVO


6m x 5,1m x 2,2m

3,300 kg

400 V

17 kW

180 Nl/min. 6.5 bar


V-Perfect is the first and only technology in the world that allows aesthetically perfect plastic windows to be obtained by completely removing the weld from the corner. A new production standard that is unsurpassed and can only be achieved with the 4-head welding machine EVO SL4-FF, which reduces the overall dimensions and maximizes the potential of PVC and allows combinations of materials that were previously unimaginable.

By removing all defects from the window frame and making it ready to be covered with any type of film, we have created an unrivalled product in terms of the

aesthetic, marketability and price/quality ratio. Windows made to this new standard guarantee an absolutely revolutionary impact on the PVC market and become comparable to more prestigious materials such as wood and aluminium.

Architects and interior designers are finally free to include PVC in their projects. In addition to guaranteeing excellent technical parameters, these windows are ideal for all types of houses and interior styles, from the most modern to the traditional ones.


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